Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Creative Short Film? The most FAQ

Our creative film is shot in real movie cinematic quality. This is where you get to see our creative side, the reason why you loved us so much. Each film is uniquely tailored to the couple, capturing candid emotional moments and laughter. It is a creative journey of your wedding day set to our hand-picked cinematic music, storytelling dialogue and quality audio. We put our heart and soul into creating the best possible film that leaves you and your family members wanting more. Each film is professionally color graded, includes professional sound design and professional on sight recording to broadcast standard. This footage is delivered in 4k resolution, and trust us: as described on this FAQ, it will be unique.

What is the Documentary/ Raw Edit Footage?

Raw footage that is, the cleanly-edited journey of your day in sequential order from start to finish. This includes morning prep, first looks, card readings, fully edited ceremony, reception edit which includes (entrances, first dance, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss and some dancing throughout the night). This is all the footage captured throughout the day to create your main short film.

What is a 1-2 Minute Trailer? A very FAQ

A short creative, cinematic edit for sharing on social media. A heartfelt representation/preview of your full creative short film. If this FAQ is not enough, ask us for samples. We'll be delighted to share them with you!

Is our footage filmed in 4K quality?

Yes! All our footage is filmed in 4K. 4K resolution is the future of broadcast and streaming video quality.  Most new televisions being produced today support 4K.  4K is nearly 4x the pixel resolution of 1080p HD. 

What is full-day coverage?

We are passionate about filming. We start our day with bridal preparations, film the entire ceremony, important speeches, cake cutting, special moments and some party footage towards the end of the night. This is typically about 10-12 hours depending on you scheduled day.

What is our booking process?

After a conversation on the phone to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit for each other, a contract/proposal will be drafted. We will send this to you via our Honeybook platform. After you look it over, sign/initial, and email it back with your retainer, you are all BOOKED!!! We ask for a 20% retainer upon the signing of your contract.

Do we offer payment plan options? Financial FAQ

We are happy to create a payment plan up until your wedding or you may pay in full a week before your wedding date. We are flexible with payment and if you need special arrangements please contact us at any time. If you need to discuss anything beyond this FAQ as far as the financial part, contact us.

Can we meet with you before we decide to hire you? Another top FAQ

Absolutely! We definitely want to get to know you before your wedding.We can always talk on the phone, Skype or meet up in person. It is so important for us and the customer to get to know one another, to make sure that we are a perfect fit for one another.

Who will actually film my wedding?

You can trust that your wedding will be filmed by James and Keri. Owners of Ashley Film Studios.

What is your filming style?

We are candid filmmakers. We capture moments as they happen. There will be a few times when we might ask you to do something but it is very minimal. We want you to relax and enjoy the day you’ve waited and dreamed about. This makes our job easier because we get to capture real heartfelt moments.

Do you get to choose the music?

It is illegal to use copy-written music without proper licensing in your edited wedding films. That is why we purchase each song that we use in our films. By purchasing the copyright music, it protects the studio and the client from any possible lawsuits. Your creative short film will be ready to share across social media platforms worry-free and with the proper licensing. As shown on this FAQ, to create the cinematic quality that you love from our main short films, it is important to find music that fits the story we are creating for you. This is why we choose the songs. The right cinematic/song choices can create just the right emotion and feelings to tell your unique story. This is part of our artistry and why you hire us as creative filmmakers.

Are you FAA licensed and Insured to fly a Drone?

Did you know that it is illegal to hire a drone operator to film commercially without a Part 107 FAA Pilot License? If a drone operator isn’t licensed and an accident occurs, the company you hire could be responsible for damages and/or lawsuits that come your way.


At Ashley Film Studios, we are FAA Part 107 licensed pilots which means we do things legally, and safely every single time. We are insured, trained, and available to take on your aerial cinematography requests.

Do we have Liability Insurance?

Yes!! Ashley Film studios will provide proof of insurance to your venue about 1-2 weeks before your event. We will also carry proof of insurance with us on the day of your event. 

How did we get our name? Last FAQ

We named our company after our daughter Ashley! Yet again, if you find you need to ask any other questions beyond this FAQ, contact us!